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We help organizations solve business challenges with technology-agnostic solutions that decrease cost, and increase efficiency and productivity.

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Technology Consulting Since 2005

We’re a team dedicated to bridging the gap between business and IT operations for our customers by aligning business strategy and digital technologies. Our entrepreneurial spirit and our passion for seeing our customers succeed have earned TESCHGlobal placement on Inc.’s list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

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TESCHGlobal (TG) is rooted in a solid foundation that is nurtured and has evolved organically over time. As a team, we’ve grown together through determination, purpose, and commitment. We harness a passion for continuous improvement of ourselves and in helping organizations discover their potential in addressing their most complex challenges.








Over the past 17 years, we have swarmed around the best software development challenges out there. A key asset for our clients is that we are geographically agnostic, with offices in the USA, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Whether our folks are leading technology strategies, fixing complex data issues, migrating and connecting systems, bringing data forward, or building something from nothing, our culture has remained the same; to be nimble, grounded and compassionate and to carry this out in how we do business. Time and time again our clients state their admiration for the passion and energy our team members bring to projects.

Will Tesch

Will Tesch

Founder & CEO

Passionate imagineer, wine connoisseur, experienced fly-fisherman, and all around family man.   

Joel Walker

Joel Walker


Entrepreneur and family man who probably cares too much about Wisconsin sports teams. 

Kelly Ross

Kelly Ross


Tech tinkerer, with a love of the outdoors and creating solutions to highly complex problems with a variety of technologies. 

Dan McFalls

Dan McFalls

Director of Research & Engagment

Your classic mountain-man Boisean dad, whose main mode of transportation is his beloved Onewheel. 

Sergio Marcano

Sergio Marcano

CTO - Latin America

Adventurous Venezuelan who’s quick on his feet both scaling a rock wall and on the dance floor. 

Grace Lindsley

Grace Lindsley

Marketing Manager

An old soul creative, who is a foodie at heart, a lover of a good coffee shop, and an adventurous spirit who probably reads way too many books.

Erik Wessel

Erik Wessel

Senior Solutions Engineer

Programmer, dog lover, video game enthusiast; recently entered the frays of pottery and fountain pens.

Emily Norton

Emily Norton

Director of Solution Design

Design leader, UX/UI and product management, with a focus on simplicity. Enjoys life “up north” in Duluth. Mom of two daughters.


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