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We are an industry-agnostic consulting firm that partners with leading technology companies to implement solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 5 companies.


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Leveraging technology solutions empowers companies to stay competitive, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. We help our clients successfully onboard their solutions, so they can begin seeing immediate results.



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Our company has had a relationship with
TESCHGlobal for the past five years. However, in 2018 due to a botched data warehouse implementation by another vendor, the relationship went to a different level. They immediately jumped in, diagnosed the other vendor’s code, and delivered a quali trusted partner and we utilize their considerable talents with our customer implementations and data management. The level of customer service is truly my favorite part, and I cannot imagine running a successful operation without having them by my side.

Rob Cook

CTO, Sheer

TESCHGlobal was selected as our vendor based on exacting needs laid out by several of our directors. Chosen for their strong data management partner alliance and their knowledge and approach to partnership-based consulting, TESCHGlobal resources have provided critical expertise to us as we migrate our workflows to the new cloud platform.

Project Manager

DMD Marketing

TESCHGlobal has allowed us to meet technical needs that we couldn’t allocate to internal resources. They have been a valuable partner in helping us to meet goals and provide efficient tools to manage our day-to-day processes!

Kim Mickle

IT Applications Manager, Lakeland Care

I have worked with consulting firms many times over the course of my career. I have learned that the talents and expertise of the person/individuals that actually do the work for you is only one way to judge the quality of the consulting firm itself. I like to look deeper into the support structure the firm provides for their consultants. To me, this structure gives one insight into the culture and type of the firm you are dealing with.

In my experiences with TeschGlobal, they nailed it on the two accounts. The consultant assigned to my project was extremely talented and experienced in the exact kind of work I needed. The consultant had done similar work in companies that were our competitors so he knew our terminology and exactly what we were trying to do because he had done it many times before. There was very little “learning curve” for the consultant and he was productive very quickly. And the very few times he got stuck or had some technical issues that he could not solve, he had others in his company he could reach out to for answers – at no charge to my project. It was very clear that my consultant loved working at TeschGlobal and that he felt valued by them.

I would highly recommend TeschGlobal to anyone in need of a reputable firm with top-notch, talented consultants who love what they do and who they work for.

IT Director

UnitedHealth Group


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