Case Study: Lakeland Care

Meet the DHS compliance deadline and roll out functionality ahead of the annual state RBMS data update.

Overview  Overview

Lakeland Care is fully committed to empowering individuals and strengthening the northeast Wisconsin communities it serves under the state’s Family Care Program. New Department of Health incident reporting requirements prompted this long-time TESCHGlobal (TG) client to request support in developing a system for real-time exchange of member incident data with DHS, and for monitoring Lakeland’s internal benchmarks to identify further staff training opportunities. Lakeland also wanted to streamline Room & Board Member Share (RBMS) administration. This monthly billing for 65%-70% of Lakeland’s members with residential authorization is highly nuanced and relies on continually changing information. Lakeland saw an opportunity with both initiatives to expand the functionality of its TG-built Data Clarity program management application. The Lakeland-TG team needed to meet the DHS compliance deadline and roll out functionality ahead of the annual state RBMS data update.

Challenges Challenges


Capture Lakeland’s incident management reporting workflow more comprehensively and meet DHS compliance requirements for reporting and real-time data exchange.


Replace a legacy RBMS application that required staff to gather information from multiple systems with automation.

Solution  Solution


Developed a system that complies with DHS requirements, automates tasks, and supports investigation of reported incidents.


Created RBMS functionality within Data Clarity that integrates data in a single place,automates workflows, and increases data storage and audit capabilities.


TG continually shared RBMS snips with Lakeland’s team during development, enabling near real-time feedback and staff training on the new tool.

Results    Results

Met contractual requirements for DHS compliance on time.

Increased efficiency in building incident reports and extracting data.

Reduced errors with both functions, allowing Lakeland to better manage Medicaid dollars and deliver on promise of improving lives.

Gained greater visibility into RBMS, saving time and enabling faster resolution to billing questions.



TG delivered what we needed in a short amount of time with a high level of service. The trust, respect and commitment on both sides of this collaboration allowed our teams to successfully automate very complex processes. 

Meghan Hyland, CAPSW

Enrollment and Eligibility Director, Lakeland Care


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