Case Study: Sheer Logistics

Commitment to transparency gives deep visibility into logistics data and builds relationships that last.

Overview  Overview

Sheer Logistics is a transportation solutions provider with a growing customer base and 99% retention rate of world-leading food, beverage, consumer products, and manufacturing companies. Sheer’s secret is integrating advanced technology, powerful analytics and specialized expertise to provide tailored business intelligence that enables customers to ship quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

Sheer aimed to improve data transparency and expand
capabilities in developing customized business intelligence (BI) applications for its customers.

Challenges Challenges


Migrating from a legacy system to a Snowflake data warehouse that feeds Tableau for self-service/automated reporting for customers


Lack of in-house IT resources and IT leadership focused on the enablement of company growth


Errors continually halting legacy system processing


Slow 8-hour run times reduced BI optimization

Solution  Solution

TESCHGlobal analyzed existing code, workflows, and documentation and made recommendations to design and refactor the EDW jobs to be more performant, maintainable, and scalable:


Refactored 65 jobs for the Snowflake data warehouse, correcting issues and tailoring jobs per BI-developer feedback as they worked with the new EDW


Replaced legacy hosting and data management tools with Stratm, TESCHGlobal’s cloud-based integration platform that standardizes API management across the enterprise


Led Sheer’s migration to AWS for stable cloud environment


Provide ongoing Systems Managed Services with access to a scalable technical team to accomplish sophisticated BI projects that support transparency and customer growth

Results    Results

Reduced data processing from eight hours to two so it can load multiple times per day, allowing them to scale horizontally to run in minutes and reduce cost

Cleaner, more real-time data

Our on-demand technical team enables Sheer to be flexible to engage customers with data sharing and Tableau data visualization

Savings of more than $250K year over year



Our company has had a relationship with TESCHGlobal for the past five years. However, in 2018 due to a botched data warehouse implementation by another vendor, the relationship went to a different level. They immediately jumped in, diagnosed the other vendor’s code, and delivered a quali trusted partner and we utilize their considerable talents with our customer implementations and data management. The level of customer service is truly my favorite part, and I cannot imagine running a successful operation without having them by my side.

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