Stratm eliminates the complexity, risk, and technical lift of integrating systems internally.


A unique enterprise integration platform.

Stratm™ is an innovative, cloud-based enterprise integration platform that enables organizations to standardize application programming interface (API) management through rapidly-deployed data transformations and customized workflows. It allows data-driven organizations across industries to accept unique electronic data interchange (EDI) from multiple sources, scale data integration based on load, and maximize profitability. Stratm’s add-on capability suites for EDI, FHIR, JSON, XML, and other established standards extend the use and value of data assets across the enterprise.


Enables creation/modification of data integrations and custom workflows on the fly

Scale and extensibility allows your integration architecture to grow with you

Real-time data connectivity through integration across departments to support business agility

Workflow automation that increases team efficiency

Standardizes API Management


Why Stratm

Proven Performance

Reinforced Security

Cloud or On-Prem


Enhanced Monitoring



What People Are Saying

Our company has had a relationship with
TESCHGlobal for the past five years. However, in 2018 due to a botched data warehouse implementation by another vendor, the relationship went to a different level. They immediately jumped in, diagnosed the other vendor’s code, and delivered a quali trusted partner and we utilize their considerable talents with our customer implementations and data management. The level of customer service is truly my favorite part, and I cannot imagine running a successful operation without having them by my side.

Rob Cook

CTO, Sheer

“Partnering with TESCHGlobal was not only a great experience, but it was strategic to our digital
needs for building out our IoT infrastructure. We needed a true partner who had the expertise and passion to develop our powerful software solution that would disrupt the healthcare market. TG was fully aligned in carrying out our vision and was dedicated to executing our digital journey.

Alex Dahmani

Co-Founder & CEO, QuiO


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