Authored by: Raquel Rosado, Development and Marketing Specialist

Organizations of all sizes are migrating and modernizing their infrastructure and applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to boost innovation, respond quickly to changing demands, and drive business transformation. As a trusted AWS Partner, TESCHGlobal (TG) can help accelerate migration to AWS so customers can reap cloud benefits faster. Customers can migrate any workload – applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers – and even entire data centers from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public clouds to AWS.

But why migrate to AWS?

In this eBook, we highlight eight main business drivers for migrating to the cloud, why AWS is the best choice for any migration motivation, as well as the benefits of migrating to AWS with TESCHGlobal.

Click here to download a copy of the eBook, “8 Business Drivers for Migrating to the AWS Cloud.” 

Business Drivers for Migrating to the AWS Cloud

One of the key drivers discussed in the eBook is cost reduction. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), companies that migrate to a cloud computing service benefit from a 51% reduction in operational costs.1 By moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud, organizations are able to decrease their IT costs and free up resources to focus on what truly differentiates their business. 

In addition to cost savings, another driver for migrating to the cloud is the improved security and operational resilience that comes with AWS. Amazon Web Services provides businesses with a highly resilient infrastructure that is designed to minimize downtime and ensure that applications are always available. By migrating, companies are strengthening their IT security, increasing service availability and reliability, while gaining the ability to respond to rapidly changing levels of demand.

To learn more about the remaining drivers for organizations to migrate to the AWS cloud, download a copy of the eBook.

Benefits of Migrating to AWS with TESCHGlobal

Migrating to AWS with an AWS Partner can provide businesses with a range of benefits.

As an AWS Partner, TESCHGlobal is certified by AWS and has extensive experience in cloud migration. TG provides businesses with the expertise and guidance they need to migrate to AWS quickly and efficiently. With technical experience managing and optimizing AWS cloud infrastructure, TESCHGlobal is the best solution for migrating digital assets to a cloud-based infrastructure.

TESCHGlobal delivers high-quality, customized solutions to meet client-specific needs. TG works closely with their clients to better understand their unique needs and requirements. Solution engineers then help design and implement an AWS infrastructure that aligns with their client’s goals and objectives.

Most importantly, TESCHGlobal is a valuable partner. TG’s work is characterized by transparency and communication. What makes TESCHGlobal a strong solution for migration needs is the partnership-based consulting they provide, as well as TG’s commitment to delivering excellent customer service. This collaborative approach ensures that businesses receive customized solutions that meet their objectives and expectations.

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