IoT is the hot new acronym in the tech space. For the uninitiated: IoT stands for “Internet of Things” and it refers to the interconnection of smart devices via embedded technology. Two things are made possible: remote control of the device and the exchange/collection of data to/from the device. A simple execution of this concept is the ability to monitor and control your home thermostat from anywhere. When you take this concept into the healthcare space an evolution occurs (I promised myself I wouldn’t say disruption.)
Electronic Health Records (EHR) changed the game in the early 2000s. It centralized, personalized and automated data regarding a patient’s health. Standards around EHRs made portals and system integration possible. IoT is quickly becoming the next step in the evolution of healthcare. Instead of patient data being recorded and hand-jammed by overworked healthcare professionals it can be automatically collected via smart devices FROM ANYWHERE. Think of a more sophisticated FitBit monitoring the vitals of a guy who just had triple bypass surgery, and maybe he’s on a new medication. Instead of him commuting back and forth to a hospital to collect SNAPSHOT information; he can go about his life and the smart device is constantly monitoring/reporting vitals to the healthcare system. His doctor/provider can then get notified if his vitals are outside of acceptable ranges.
So how does TESCHGlobal fit in with IoT?
As a team of software engineers and developers we dive in head-first into new technologies, and for the better part of 2 years we have been architecting and building IoT solutions! Through our projects, research, and partnerships we’ve been paddling hard to catch this wave. Here is an overview approach to IoT via a reference architecture:
What has TESCHGlobal done with IoT?
With this emerging technology, innovators have been cooking up devices with IoT capabilities. We have been building a solution with one such innovator. QuiOinvented a smart injector and needed help building their cloud platform: from the user interface to data management to advanced machine learning. We built a solution that leverages MongoDB, Amazon Cloud, Spark, MQTT, and Karaf. Traditional or Big Data – Cloud or On Premises; our team is ready to execute.
If you are looking to dive in and catch the wave of IoT or just want to know more: reach out to us!