TG Spotlight: Nayah Fonjang

Nayah is an Infrastructure Engineer.



Originally From: Cameroon

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, watching movies

Bucket List Item: To travel to the Maldives

Fun Fact: I buy story books a lot but never read them

Q: Where are you from originally?

A: Cameroon

Q: Where did you go to school?

A: University of Buea.

Q: Do you have any children/pets?

A: I have a son.

Q: What are your favorite activities or hobbies?

A: Cooking, traveling, and watching movies.

Q: What is one thing you have on your bucket list?

A: To travel to the Maldives.

Q: What is one fun fact people don’t know about you?

A: I buy story books a lot but never read them!

Q: What technologies have you worked with or enjoyed working with?

A: EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, Azure VMs, Blob Storage, Terraform, IAM, Cloud Watch.


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