Authored by: Joel Walker, President

Health plans are required to make all member data available via an FHIR-based API so that third-party apps (such as One Record) can connect to a secure endpoint and members can use these apps to view, aggregate, and organize all of their personal health information. As a result, health plans need to give members a way to create an account with credentials that link to their data. Some health plans have member portals or other solutions, however many don’t. This is why TESCHGlobal has designed and built ConnectID to meet the needs of our customers (and more). 

Key Features

The portal serves several functions and key features. 

Member Login 

Members can create credentials for use with third-party apps and also view what data is made available to those apps. 

Third-Party Apps

ConnectID has all the information needed for third-party apps to register and connect to the health plan’s Patient Access API. 

Admin View 

Allows health plan admins to view all member FHIR data in an easy-to-use web interface, and manage third-party apps, and member user accounts. 


The portal is branded for each health plan with its logo and colors and allows for customization of help text, contact information, and more ConnectID is branded to look and feel like it is the customer portal, not a TG/HLX product. 

Business Value Proposition

The ConnectID portal provides a variety of benefits to health plans and their members. The most prevalent benefit is that ConnectID enables health plans to have a method for members to create and maintain credentials as required by the regulations. Beyond that minimum requirement, ConnectID provides a web-based interface for health plans to view the data that is in the FHIR repository, which is useful for testing purposes. Many interoperability vendors do not provide an easy, intuitive, graphical interface for testing the data made available to third-party apps. This is where ConnectID is unique, by providing efficiency to customers in conducting user acceptance testing via the portal. ConnectID is a cloud-based solution, fully HIPAA compliant, and managed by TESCHGlobal, making it a completely hands-off solution for our customers.

ConnectID also allows a health plan to easily see how many (and which) members have created user accounts. Another benefit to health plans is the ability to view which third-party apps have requested access and approve/deny access via the admin console. A third and final value of ConnectID is that it gives health plans the ability to make data available to members that they may not be able to otherwise due to a lack of IT resources or technology limitations.  

Many of our customers never could share data directly with their members before using ConnectID. This establishes a connection to members and brings extra value without having to engage internal IT resources.

TG/HLX Partnership

ConnectID was designed and built by TESCHGlobal and is licensed to HealthLX customers as a part of our multi-tenant Patient Access API solution. HealthLX is an interoperability platform, however, does not provide a member portal or implementation services. TESCHGlobal does custom software development, making them the preferred implementation partner for HealthLX.  

TESCHGlobal works with all HealthLX clients to gather and map data to FHIR and ingest it into our FHIR repository (powered by Smile Digital Health FHIR). The ConnectID portal is truly a collaboration between TG, and its implementation and software development teams, along with the HealthLX/Smile platforms. This collaboration allows us to deliver an integrated, all-in-one solution to our customers.