Are you using a data vault or a traditional star schema warehouse platform? Reach time-to-value faster with WhereScape®
The decision to move from a legacy data warehouse solution to a modern data management approach is never simple, even when business pressures are high, and the advantages are clear. WhereScape® is an alternative that gives organizations the best of all worlds: Increased agility with traditional data warehouses, and faster time to value with modern data management approaches such as a data vault.
Automation That Helps IT Deliver Faster
WhereScape is automation software that allows companies to access information and insight in an agile, scalable and extensible way by automating the data management lifecycle. Technical teams can use it for most types of data infrastructure projects. Wherescape automates incremental loads, modeling, key definition, ingestion, transformation, slowly changing dimensions, and refactoring. A lot of the repetitive time-consuming tasks that have made data warehouse development slow and cumbersome in the past have been mitigated.
Using the automated data vault approach as an example, technical teams can automate building of raw vaults. This is accomplished by adding metadata that allows rules to determine hubs, links and satellites. With WhereScape’s iterative modeling approach, technical teams can gauge success and adjust the architecture using data consumption piloting as a guide instead of just debating designs which can lead to analysis paralysis.
The automated metadata approach enables a less technical focus since SQL code and scripts are generated, not written. Automation makes it possible to fast-track projects and be quicker to market with data and information – up to 80% faster according to WhereScape’s estimates.
After models are created, metadata is leveraged so schemas, mapping and SQL generation can be very agile, allowing for a rippling effect that lessens the impact of changes to the design. In addition, data governance is baked right into the software, for data lineage,  dictionary and glossary definitions, impact analysis and reporting.
Since teams are not as constrained by refactoring designs they can concentrate on the scale of making model changes. This is a common problem when some organizations are moving from terabytes to petabytes of information. WhereScape can help with the scale of refactoring by being able to work with the leading cloud databases such as Snowflake, and Hadoop and Spark big data platforms.
A Modern Tool for Many Use Cases
Though WhereScape has broad capabilities, it’s especially strong in driving rapid ROI in:
    • Leveraging a 360 degree view of sources
    • Leverage your existing Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) tools to aid in data preparation, data quality and master data management (MDM) at the source.
    • Ingestion – WhereScape offers connectors to land all types of data in addition to leveraging your existing ETL tools and connectors to land data ready for WhereScape automation.
    • Implementing Raw Data Vaults – Modelers can generate raw data vaults in 3D by enriching metadata and using model generation rules. Models can be exported in Wherescape Red for operationalization and integration with business vaults and information marts.
    • Implementing Business Vaults – WhereScape facilitates the metadata and design flow from landing zone and raw vault to a business taxonomy based business vault.
    • Traditional Data Warehouses – WhereScape increases the agility of traditional data warehouses using automation to create facts and dimensions in days, not weeks.
    • Information Marts – Wherescape can build information marts from raw vaults, business vaults or traditional star schemas.
Implementing WhereScape
To realize the benefits of this automation software, organizations can leverage existing compute and storage of their databases. Since all functions take place in the database, no servers are needed, making the WhereScape footprint relatively small. The scheduler is run as a service in Microsoft, and most major databases are supported.
Organizations often work with a partner like TESCHGlobal to optimize WhereScape’s business value. We support our clients in understanding business needs for business intelligence modernization and analytics, and managing WhereScape adoption and enablement of tools. Our partnership often begins with some quick wins for the business, and expands to managing product backlogs, priorities and governance. We can also help organizations fit WhereScape into their DevOps model.
WhereScape is changing what’s possible by shifting data management from technical hand coding to automation and model-driven development. Reach out to us today to explore modern data management’s potential for your organization.