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The First Milestone in Your Tableau Journey

The First Milestone in Your Tableau Journey

Whether you are a Tableau developer-in-the-making, a Server administrator getting up to speed, or a would-be recipient of published content, a short but uphill climb into the awesome world of Tableau awaits. My mission – like that of other Tableau pros and the company...

Snowflake: A solution to Data Warehousing

Snowflake: A solution to Data Warehousing

I know what you’re thinking: Another article on data warehouses….. snoozeville.  Snowflake, I promise you, is about to shake things up. Picture neon signs flashing “Pay as you go!” and “Data access for all!”   Snowflake is a data warehouse built for, and in, the...

Reach Time-to-Value Faster with WhereScape

Reach Time-to-Value Faster with WhereScape

Are you using a data vault or a traditional star schema warehouse platform? Reach time-to-value faster with WhereScape®   The decision to move from a legacy data warehouse solution to a modern data management approach is never simple, even when business pressures are...

Data Vault: What is it?

Data Vault: What is it?

Today’s “instant everything world” has placed higher than ever expectations on business intelligence teams to have a 360 degree view of their operations, as well as provide customers with immediate access to their information at lightning speed. Whether it’s a...

Legacy to Talend: Conversion Plan

Legacy to Talend: Conversion Plan

Introduction At TESCHGlobal, we have been Gold Partners to Talend for over 4 years and have taken part in all types and sizes of Talend implementations. We have developed a strategic and repeatable approach to helping clients convert to Talend from: Informatica,...

Riding the IoT wave in Healthcare

Riding the IoT wave in Healthcare

IoT is the hot new acronym in the tech space. For the uninitiated: IoT stands for “Internet of Things” and it refers to the interconnection of smart devices via embedded technology. Two things are made possible: remote control of the device and the exchange/collection...

Data Management Reference Architecture

Data Management Reference Architecture

Why a modern approach to data management? “Modern Data Management” doesn't change the classic definition of data management, but it does take into consideration the evolution of: Constraints: Cost, Time, Resources, Internal and external compliance Data sources Data...


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the product development process work?

After you contact us, we’ll schedule a discovery call to learn more about what you’re looking to build, enhance or create. Once we have the details, our team will follow up with recommendations on the best path to meet your goals and objectives.

Do I get a dedicated team for my project?

Yes. All of our clients have dedicated teams. This approach enables us to work with clients for the long term and build lasting partnerships as an extension of their team.

What if I'm not technical or don't have a technical team?

That’s why we’re here. Oftentimes, we’re approached with a vision and we create the roadmap to make it a reality.

Will the development of a product include the creation of a prototype?

It all depends on the product strategy that’s determined after the discovery session. More often than not, our application development projects include a prototype and is built into the timeline.

What if I already have a product that I want you to improve?

We’re certainly happy to improve an existing product. We would conduct a discovery session and then review the existing product and code to make our recommendations.

How much do you charge?

Each project is different, so this is a difficult question to answer. It depends on many things: project scope, time spent on the project, and technology. If our estimate is beyond the allocated budget, we’ll work with you to determine the best path forward.

Can you integrate multiple data sources?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on having experience with multiple technologies and multiple platforms to address various use cases across industries.

Do you provide support after a project is complete.

Yes. We have different support levels depending on your needs.


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